Alchemy is all about transformation.  It is revealing something extraordinary from the ordinary.  Kombucha is alive; a living tea. This tea goes through its own alchemical transformation through the fermentation process, and when we drink something live, we can’t help but be affected by it. Leaf Alchemy kombucha is fresh, sweet, and unexpected, which pulls us into the present. 

If we have learned anything through our journey, it is that life is short and precious. For years, Amy was holding onto a very expensive bottle of champagne, waiting for the right moment to celebrate with it. Promotions came, holidays passed, and birthdays kept coming and going, but nothing seemed big enough to warrant the champagne. By the time she actually opened it, it was too late. Its prime had passed, and it wasn’t very good anymore. After Marlin’s close encounter with death, she realized that we didn't value the small moments of every day, and that every moment is truly exceptional and worth celebrating.

This is the type of intentionality we put into making our kombucha. Every bottle has gone through an intentional and scientific process, to ensure that the glass of kombucha you are enjoying is absolutely perfect.



Kombucha is a drink with purpose. It helps populate our gut with the flora needed to keep our body healthy and balanced.  It supports immune system,  Our kombucha is always fresh and teeming with live cultures, and this is when the benefits are most powerful. 

Leaf Alchemy kombucha is always served and bottled fresh from the keg. This means that the kombucha is as fresh and perfect as it can be, bringing maximum benefit.



Each of our blends comes together usually for one of two reasons.


First, out of necessity.  We developed our Painkiller kombucha because most of our clients in our floatation therapy centers came because of chronic pain.  While they get so much relief from floating, we wanted to support that in a drink.  So Painkiller was our first Hemp CBD infused kombucha and we added in Willow Bark, Ginger, Tumeric and Black Pepper for their  natural anti-inflammatory and pain decreasing properties. 

It helps that it just tastes great!

Second we create our blends based on what we have access to seasonally. What is fresh, what is growing around us on the farm, what do our community partners have available? Using fresh ingredients is crucial to our process, and it allows us to create and support a sustainable business model.

Our most popular flavors are our Painkiller, Strawberry Fields, Chamomile + Ginger Honey, and True Blue. 


You can currently find our kombucha on tap at:

Float Alchemy, Murfreesboro, TN

Float Nashville, Nashville, TN

Craft Brewed, Nashville, TN

And more are coming soon!