We began developing and manufacturing CBD products for several companies a while back.  As we studied the ingredient and its properties and uses, we began to see the potential and possibility this had for people.  When Marlin discovered the ability to make it water dispersible, we immediately thought of the way this could increase the effectiveness of our kombucha and as of the start of 2018 we created a line of kombucha in which we infused the CBD.  

From there, as we developed more for other people we began to formulate and dream of products that would make the most out of the natural ingredients we were already using. 

Amy owns several float and wellness centers that focus on people dealing with chronic pain, anxiety and PTSD.   When we began rolling out the products, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  People were sharing their items with friends.  And then we started getting requests from other places asking if we’d send them some of our CBD products.  We realized we needed to get serious about sending out these products that were making such a difference in people’s lives.

All of our products use either organic nano-particle CBD or Tennessee local hemp buds to create high quality, natural products based in science, made with passion


The Products:


Gold – full spectrum

Silver – isolate for healing pain

Painkiller salve

Body butter

Muscle Relief Roll on

Massage Oil